"I think you have exceeded expectations on the projects where we have worked together through your work ethic and your designs."
- Feedback from fellow Employees
Articles I've Written

Papers, Please - UX Review

An article where I go on about an old game that I still play from time to time.

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Representation in Gaming: The Outer Worlds

Discussing the representation in the Outer Worlds and its inclusion of LGBT Characters of Color.

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The Outer Worlds - UX Review

Another UX Review where I go on about a game I've sunk over 50 hours into now.

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The hits and miss that a 10-year-old game still can't get right. Maybe when it's a legal age, Bethseda will do something.

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Hollow Knight

Oh to play this game and not die every 10 minutes. A true test of patience.

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I play a lot of games but am always looking for more. If you have recommendations, feel free to reach out to me.

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