The DistroKid Redesign

Sometimes you see Something that Makes you Take Matters into Your Own Hands

This all started when I went on the Distrokid Website and was appalled.

And Yes. I 100% mean Appalled.

Friends of mine use DistroKid as their music distribution platform and showed me the site to get my reaction.

It wasn't great.

I immediately saw various usability issues, without mentioning the lack of any aesthetic appeal.

It's safe to say I often do things to prove a point. This included.



I quickly found the following usability issues when navigating the site

  • There is 1 sign-in and 1 sign-up button on the entire page. Neither draws the eye so they're easy to miss on first glance.

  • The navigation bar doesn't "stick" so once you scroll down, you have to return to the top of the page to use it, log in, or sign up.

  • The page itself is not responsive to screen size, so it's very easy to miss the contents on the rest of the page

  • There's no navigation option on this page, which is very long, so the user must continuously scroll through static images and lengthy text


There's a lot I can say on the visual aspect, but I'll stick to my top three:

  • Text on the site takes up a lot of space, making the page look cluttered and making it difficult to relay important information. All of it comes off as disorganized, why are the FAQ's to the left of the reviews?

  • The overall branding is very dull, which is unappealing to the customer base. Musicians are artists! And surely appreciate a site that appeals to them artistically

  • The whole site looks and feels as if it hadn't been updated since 2012, and if the company doesn't take the time to update their own site, what good will it be for prospective customers?


Unfortunately, since DistroKid is a paid service, I don't have regular access to how their User Dashboard is set up. I've mostly focused my design on their home page accessible via google and am focusing my design on the payment process.


Since this was a personal project, I didn't have the resources/time to do full interviews, so I set up a survey for some users (those that I know, and the ones in their network) to get information on how they felt about different parts of the site.

Using Google Forms, I created a short survey to see how users felt about the site as is and the results were pretty close.

  • Current Users believed the current way the features were shown was difficult to understand.

  • Users agreed that the navigation on the site was fair/middling, but some users commented that they had to be guided by someone else/another user to get the full experience.

  • The users unanimously agreed that the site was unappealing visually.

The DistroKid Redesign
The DistroKid Redesign


Using the colors from the original site, I created a style tile (shown above) to lead my design

I went with a light look that played with the colors and shapes to create a vibrate experience on screen. I want the users to feel as if they're in a space as creative as they are when they enter the site.

This project is still ongoing, so check back in every now and then for updates!
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